Our products are globally competitive but not that expensive.

It is a multipurpose campus management and information system that effectively helps school administrators and their faculty and staff in the area of enrollment, admission, student monitoring, K-12 compliant grading system, DepEd standard school forms generation, records management, school reports generation, and many more!

e-sKwela has a Division / Multi-campus portal that allows you to collate and integrate all essential information from the schools connected to your portal into one massive data source. This tool effectively monitors the performance of the schools connected to your portal and provide up-to-date demographics and reports that are greatly needed by school divisions or multi-campus central offices.

One of the most disregarded entity when it comes to technology are the local barangay offices. Most are still accustomed to do things manually. No wonder why their processes usually take a long time. But with BEEP, local barangay units were empowered by automating all their processes (i.e the processing of registrations, tax collection records and reports, residence and voter's census, employee DTR and information records, document archiving, etc.). BEEP can connect with other barangay units who are also using BEEP to create a network of information source.

A customized operating system that was branched and improved from a Linux distribution. Unlike other popular operating system, CORE OS is much faster, light-weight, virus-free, and can be installed even on old computers. Its office applications are free and are very much compatible with MS Office and other Office Suites. This is the best alternative to the expensive and resource-hugging Operating Systems available in the market.

We customize websites and applications based on what you want to happen. Check out a few of the sites that we developed bellow. For more information contact us.

Other Products and Services

AERGate (Automated Emergency Response Gateway), PNP Blotter and Incident Report Management System, Clinic and Healthcare Management System, LAN Structured Cabling, Mobile Application Develepment, Multi-media Engineering, Personalized OS and Applications