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Today's educational system has become increasingly competitive in catering the needs of the educators, students and the institutions. Our goal ever since the beginning of this product conception is to provide a one-stop, all-in-one, tailored system for the institutions. The blue print contains modules that will help the institutions manage their data and information commencing from the enrollment and admission process, finance and asset monitoring, employees and students progress monitoring, reports and demographic generation of the institution's operations, and even the generation of diplomas and other reports submitted to the government.

It has been observed that a great number of schools and universities are still managing their data and information primitively. Most still handle their institution's processes through a mixture of paper-based system and some spreadsheet software. But as the institution progresses, it needs a much better system to effectively streamline the information and data management.

e-sKwela is a multi-purpose campus management and information system that helps school administrators and their faculty and staff in the area of enrolment, admission, student and visitor monitoring, K-12 compliant grading system, government standard school forms and report generation, records management, student finance account, library management, and many more! This is the best tool to streamline your institution's operations.

e-sKwela utilizes the power of technology to streamline most of the institution's operations. Once you sign up with e-sKwela, an online portal will be developed to serve as a gateway for the parents to check on their kid's performance and their accountability at school.


Enrollment and Admission Module

Records parent's and student's information. Roll-overs and accelerates existing students. Creates detailed student roster.


Automated Student Attendance

Student's attendance are already monitored as they enter the school campus. This is done by employing an RFID technology. Teachers can verify the student's attendance through the class attendance dashboard.


K-12 Compliant Grading System

Auto calculates grades and ranks students according to their performance. Generates grading reports compliant to DepEd's K-12 program.


Integrated DepEd School Forms

Auto generates DepEd compliant school forms. According to survey, it will usually take a long time to manually produce these reports. Here, you can generate them in just a couple of minutes!


Basic Library Module

Creates an inventory of items in the library and its current status. Keeps track of borrowers and even monitors library usage.

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